Need Coworking Space for Students?

coworking space for students

It’s that time of year again—time to go back to school! But what if you can’t make it there? If you or your student needs a place to study or needs an environment with fewer distractions, ConnectWork on Main is the perfect coworking space for students.

It’s been a while since we were in college, but we remember Ramen noodle nights! That’s why we are offering a special rate for students with valid college ID. If that’s you, then take a moment to fill in the form to get the process rolling.

To give an idea of what to expect cost-wise, the $45 per month rate will be the equivalent of the $95 rate. So for the cost of a night of pizza with friends, you can be at the cowork whenever you need to doing school with your friends.

The Cowork is for you or your student if…

🔥 You were planning to be on campus and are now hanging with your parents

🔥 Your parents thought they would be empty-nesters AND NOW THEY ARE NOT!

🔥 You have a job and classes and your house is too far away to get home for the wifi

🔥 You just need a nap in between all the things

🔥 Any other reason that makes sense to you 🤣

Being a student member includes things like…

  • 24/7 Access for Flex & Dedicated
  • Monday – Friday 7am-6:30pm (plus some late-night hours) for Nomad
  • Use of Any Open Desk
  • A couch to nap on – yes we are serious
  • Our Slack Community – a place to get help with things like your resume and interviewing
  • Business Address – yes you will need this someday
  • Reliable Wifi
  • All the Amenities (like coffee!)

One of the most exciting times in life is when you make it to college. But what if your time there was even better because you had a cowork space where friends could work together on homework, projects, and more?

Why not combine two dreams: getting that higher education AND having fun. For those students who need a break from their heavy course load (or just don't have room in their dorm), come to get some inspiration here instead!

These are our memberships types:

If you are looking for a desk that is purposeful, dedicated to your studies and productivity, then the Student Dedicated Desk is perfect. This membership does not lock in any commitment, so if need be it can be canceled at any time with no strings attached!

  • Student Nomad – lowest level and includes access for 1 day a week
  • Student Flex – mid-level and includes 24/7 access
  • Student Dedicated – Highest regular membership level and includes a dedicated desk with 24/7 access

A dedicated desk just means you can bring in a monitor and leave your stuff. Additionally, it means no one else will be using your desk.

About ConnectWork on Main

ConnectWork is a sensory-friendly coworking space in downtown Butler, PA. We offer 24/7 access to start at $45 per month with free coffee and printing for members. You can work where you feel most productive. We are excited to be offering special student rates, events, and add-ons for the upcoming school year!

Ready for a coworking space for students?

You’re not alone. That's why we are keeping our student rates active. Options starting at $15 per month with free coffee and printing – so you can work where you feel most productive without breaking your bank account.  Ready to join CoWork? Click here to get going!

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