Coworking in Western PA: How the region is meeting new needs

A successful coworking space, and an intentional one, is most likely focused on the economic contribution and impact it can have on the community surrounding it. Those contributions happen when coworking spaces give small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups the chance to build a profitable business before having to purchase real estate. Allowing the founders and employees of those fledgling companies to take home more pay and potentially have more disposable income. When this income stays in the community, that’s when the magic happens.

But what is coworking

You can read everything I think about this topic here. But the gist is that coworking is the act of working in the space with other humans in community. You can listen to more about what I think about all of it in the audio player below.

Where can you cowork in Western PA

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find more coworking spaces than listed below, but it was hard to find anyone else. If you are reading this and you own a coworking space in Western PA (not in Pittsburgh), please email me with your info and I will add your space.  

This article has a list of 15 coworking spaces in and around Pittsburgh, PA. It is from 2018 so keep that in mind and do your research before driving over somewhere.

The list below includes coworking spaces that are not cookie cutter or corporately owned, and are supporting their community and helping it thrive. 

Radius Cowork

Area served: Erie

From their website…

Building A Community With Purpose – Radius provides a space with ridiculously fast internet, coffee fit for royalty, and an impressive view from Erie’s tallest building. We have all the niceties: free printing, convenient parking, and a café that seems to spontaneously generate baked goods. But those are only the things we share a need for, they aren’t US.

We are a community of freelancers, remote workers, and small businesses who come together to grow and enjoy our work.

ConnectWork On Main

Area served – Butler & the surrounding area

From our website…

We are actively seeking ambitious, driven entrepreneurs, creatives, remote workers, and professionals. If you know someone who fits that description, we want to hear from them!

From a member…

“Having the cowork to go to a few times a month is a great option for me to step away from the distractions that is everything else I have to do to keep life in check and meet other like-minded people, network and make friends.”

Lauryn Halahurich, Those in Motion


Area served: North Pittsburgh & the surrounding area

From their website…

We are locally-owned and committed to creating an environment that will help deliver shared knowledge and collaboration. Shared coworking spaces like PerryWorks allow for more freedom in your business venture and flexibility. The value sits not only in your bottom-dollar line but also in the conversations, the exchange of ideas that spark innovation, allowing people from different backgrounds to connect and collaborate.


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