9 Reasons to Start Your Membership in Butler PA

Hey, entrepreneurs, small businesses, bands, and creative minds! If you're looking to amp up your productivity game, then it’s time to say goodbye to your makeshift home office and hello to ConnectWork on Main’s sensory-friendly coworking space membership. Let’s dive into why our hot seat memberships and private offices are the perfect solution for helping you crush those goals by the end of the summer.

Why the Hot Seat Membership Style Rocks

1. Flexibility to Match Your Work Ethic 

Ever find that your productivity levels hit a slump at home? With our hot seat membership, you can drop in anytime and settle into a sensory-friendly space with flexibility about where you do your work. Need a change of scenery or a fresh perspective? No problem—you've got options!

Hot Seat memberships have three tiers to meet you where you are based on how often you want to utilize the space. Whether you want to come in for 2 days a month or would rather have the option to have 24/7 access, there is a tier for you. You can find out more about those here.

view of hot seat area facing the North wall. door to the annex is on the right-most wall

2. Networking on Steroids  

Picture this: sipping on your third cup of rocket fuel (coffee) and striking up a conversation with someone who's been there, done that, and now, they’re dropping knowledge bombs on you. Our coworking space is a collection of talent, ready and waiting to collaborate, share ideas, and help you grow. 

Networking can occur in person in the space and in Slack where we have our online community and communication. Coworking spaces are turnkey networks where you can make connections you might not otherwise have access to. 

3. Perks and Amenities Galore

Free coffee, high-speed internet, and zero distractions? Yes, please! Our hot seat members get access to all our office goodies, including meeting rooms, onsite equipment, and printer/copier services. Did we mention we have a Nintendo Switch on site? While it doesn't come out very often you have the option to wind down (or up depending on your competitive spirit) with Mario.

mario game full view

The Lure of the Private Office Membership

1. Your Very Own Workspace

Need a dedicated space to hunker down and work on world domination plans? Our private offices offer just that. Close the door, focus deeply, and let the results speak for themselves. Need a place to practice and store your gear? A private office might be just the ticket. 

2. Professional Environment

Whether you’re meeting clients or jumping on important calls, our private office provides a professional backdrop that's bound to impress. It's like your home office’s cooler, more fun sibling. You have the option to paint or otherwise set up the office exactly the way you'd like or we can put in the basics for you. this is a Choose Your Own Adventure experience. 

5 Ways a Dedicated Office in Butler, PA Will Unlock Your Success

3. Security and Privacy

When confidentiality is key, you need a space where your business can thrive without any prying eyes. Our private offices ensure your sensitive data stays safe, giving you peace of mind. Need to meet with clients? A private office might be the solution for you. 

Special Events and Fun Included in Your Membership

At ConnectWork on Main we aren't just selling space or desks and Wi-Fi. We care about the community, and local businesses, and want to see our members succeed beyond their wildest dreams. To that end, we have programming available (and in the works) to help support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people just trying to exist in this crazy world. 

Monthly Check-Ins

Monthly check-ins happen once a month and are an integral part of staying on track and staying focused on what you care about. Members have used Monthly Check-ins to accomplish projects and hard things that they were procrastinating on. The accountability and processing portion of the monthly check-in helps you continue moving forward on your dreams, passions, and otherwise lofty goals.

Mollie Angie Gael at Monthly Check In

Social Lunch

Social lunch is exactly what it sounds like. Every Monday we get together for an hour to chat solve the problems of the world and eat lunch. We don't actually solve the problems of the world but sometimes we do solve day-to-day problems amongst each other. Having community that can come together consistently means we build rapport and an understanding of what we need as individuals. This means social lunch can go beyond just social and just lunch and be something that helps you even when you're not in the space. 

Bookkeeping Parties

Because accounting doesn’t have to be boring. Join us and make your bookkeeping a social, fun event. Nobody wants to be stuck doing their bookkeeping in January for the entire previous year. Take it from people who have been (maybe?) where you are, doing bookkeeping together is far more exciting than toiling away with the numbers by yourself. You can find out more about how to leverage this time here.

Limited Time Offer to Kickstart Your Summer Success

To boost your productivity and get you out of that home office rut, we’re offering a special summer discount on our hot seat memberships and private offices. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to join an awesome community and take your business to the next level. Take a minute to fill out the form of this page. Anyone who submits the form through the end of August will get the specific details of this limited-time offer.

Final Call: Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Work-Life or Your Life?

If you're serious about your productivity—and we know you are—ConnectWork on Main is here to support you. Stay motivated, inspired, and connected with a community that’s as driven as you are. Why wait? Contact us today, and let’s make this summer the most productive one yet!