CONNECTWork on Main

We are actively seeking ambitious, driven entrepreneurs, creatives, remote workers, and professionals. If you know someone who fits that description, we want to hear from them!




Butler’s CoWorking Space

A hub for the business community, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and networking. Start your membership now with no commitments, and you can change levels at any time!

Monthly memberships start as low as $15.

Being a member of ConnectWork on Main includes the following perks:

  • Unlimited Days Every Month
  • Private Desk Options
  • Free Event Access
  • Free Coffee and Wi-fi

ConnectWork was started to fill a basic need – to connect like-minded individuals and give them a space to thrive! We are here to support and facilitate economic growth in the community.

Ways You Can Join the Community

These are the options for joining our community! Before you can get in where the good stuff is, you will be providing some info to us. Things like, your SSN, your first born, and your undying devotion. No not really, but your undying devotion would be cool.

In all seriousness though, we like to know who we are meeting and potentially sharing oxygen with. This helps us get a feel for who you are, what you are working towards, and if we will be a good fit together. So take a moment, review the options below, and click to get in touch!

What people are saying

ConnectWork On Main helped us for 6 months! Steadfast Custom Construction LLC. and True North Design shared an office while we waited for an opportunity to acquire showroom space! Was a terrific transition for us. Super concept! If you are “between spaces” or just need somewhere safe to conduct real business for a while - check them out!
Lisa Snyder
True North Design
Great place to work from right in the middle of Main Street, close to all restaurants! Affordable and accessible!
Frank Benoit
Software Architect
Excellent staff, very quiet, clean and I love the space. I can get lots of work done!
Cheri Readie
Office Link
I really love the way that ConnectWork on Main is set up. Gael has been really great with the transition and has been really open to all my questions that I’ve asked of her. So if you get a chance I recommend getting in touch with her and seeing for yourself.
Ed Stoughton
Tier III
I'm the type of person that will seclude myself in my apartment while doing my admin work for my photography work. Having the cowork to go to a few times a month is a great option for me to step away from the distractions that is everything else I have to do to keep life in check and meet other like minded people, network and make friends. Plus, the cowork is close enough to my home that I don't have to drive, which gets me a decent amount of exercise and city exploring done in the process, which is a great way not only to be healthy but to also get to know the area you're doing business in better.
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