What We’re Doing for the Community

The safety of our team, members, guests, and our community is our top priority. Please review our Health & Safety Policies below before visiting our space.
This is an especially challenging time for people and for businesses. We want to make our space and resources available to help you work under difficult conditions, as well as maintain your personal well-being. In order to do that, we are taking action to keep you safe if you do visit, and we’re asking that you do your part to keep one another safe.

Last Updated: November 30th, 2022

Using the Space

These steps for using the space are all about making sure that you don’t get sick and don’t unwittingly get anyone else sick.

  • Wash/sanitize hands upon arrival & wash hands regularly while here
  • Spread out! We have distanced desks throughout the space and you are welcome to work anywhere you feel comfortable
  • Only one person to each desk
  • Currently, we can maintain one person per room, please do that as much as possible with the exception of the main work area
  • Don’t move desks or rearrange the furniture
  • Keep masks on for conversations (to protect others)
  • Clean your desk/chair before leaving with disinfectant
  • Air movement is essential, keep all interior doors inside the space, open
  • All non-member meetings must be cleared with management
  • Shared meals will not be provided or permitted for now
  • Use the sanitation supplies as needed – Hand Sanitizer, Masks, Gloves, Kleenex, Alcohol Wipes, Lysol Wipes, and Thermometer


High use areas and things like light switches are being cleaned/disinfected routinely. Members are required to disinfect their space before leaving for the day. As the number of people using the space increases, the regular cleaning schedule will reflect that.


  • The Keurig is set up and the spinner is stocked with pods
  • There are individually packaged coffee supplies (creamer, etc.)

Doing Your Part

In order to keep the space safe, there are a few things we ask you to do:

  • If you come in, please wear a mask whenever you’re in public and follow all other social distancing best practices
  • If you learn that someone you’ve been in contact with is sick and you were in the space, please let us know
  • If you become ill for any reason, please refrain from coming into ConnectWork on Main for at least 5 days and wear a mask until symptoms clear
  • Please allow only one person to use the restrooms at a time and follow appropriate hygiene and disinfecting procedures after each use
  • Please notify us immediately if you or someone you have been in close contact with tests positive for Covid-19.

We know this is a challenging time, we’re here to help

If you’re going freelance for the first time, if you’re struggling with working from home, not ready to go back to your main office yet, or if you’ve decided to start your own business, click the JOIN US button below. Coworking could be a more delightful and successful (and safe!) way to work for you.