12 Events: Pamper Your Pet, Paint a Plate and More in Butler PA

Pamper Your Pet, Paint a Plate and More in Butler PA - court house

Below you will find a list of events of just some of the things that are happening in and around Butler PA this is not an exhaustive list. To see what this list is based off of you can go to this link. Fair warning there are pop up ads and additional ads on page so be careful where you click. However it is a fantastic way to see everything that's happening in our area without having to click all over the place or be on Facebook if that isn't where you want to be.

Check Event Details Out First

Before attending any of the events below make sure you review the details, go to their official event pages, and confirm the information. We're not responsible for any inconvenience or stress caused by the information included below. If an event is listed as being at connect work on Main, it's good to go.

We're not able to link to every single event beyond our own on this page, as links would go back to the search page where the events were found. Our guess is that you'll be able to find the information on Facebook or the organization's website.

New to the area? Looking for Events?

The Allevents.in event search platform is a great way to check and see what's happening in the area you can filter by a variety of different options to help you narrow down what you are looking for. Additionally you can find events on Eventbrite, Facebook, and meet up. While not everyone in our area has adopted platforms like Eventbrite, Allevents.in scrapes everything that is publicly listed.

The Event List

Here is a summary of upcoming events in Butler, PA in no particular order:

1. Alphabet Soup Meetup

  • Where: ConnectWork On Main
  • When: July 8
  • Summary: A social event where individuals from the LGBTQ+ community can connect, hang out, and otherwise share space together.

2. Pasta Dinner Benefit

  • Where: Butler Moose Lodge 64
  • When: June 30
  • Summary: A community event benefiting the families of Levi Deal, Ronnie Parisi, and Josh Boettner.

3. Lorraine Chapter DeMolay Community Event

  • Where: 540 Fairground Hill Rd
  • When: July 13
  • Summary: A community event hosted by the Lorraine Chapter DeMolay, aimed at bringing people together for fun activities and showcasing the group's work.

4. 2nd Annual Golf Outing – Children's Advocacy Center of Butler County

  • Where: Butler Country Club
  • When: July 15
  • Summary: A golf outing event to raise funds for the Children's Advocacy Center, combining sporting fun with supporting a crucial community resource.

5. Wandering Wags Nail Trim Clinic

  • Where: Butler Agway
  • When: June 30
  • Summary: A pet grooming event where you can get your dog's nails trimmed by professionals, ensuring your furry friend is comfortable and well-maintained.

6. Lindsey Gifford Book Signing

  • Where: Sizzles Tans
  • When: June 27
  • Summary: An opportunity to meet author Lindsey Gifford, get your books signed, and engage in discussions about her work and writing journey.

7. Return to Living Bread

  • Where: 1201 N Main St Ext, Butler, PA
  • When: June 30
  • Summary: A spiritual event focused on the significance of bread in various cultures and religions, emphasizing community and spiritual nourishment.

8. Thrift Shop Night with a Twist

  • Where: 1747 N. Main St. Ext., Butler, PA
  • When: June 28
  • Summary: A fun-filled thrift shopping event with unique activities and surprises, perfect for those who love bargain hunting and discovering hidden treasures.

9. The PONG Live and In Person

  • Where: Lil Shop Of Lilith
  • When: July 10
  • Summary: An interactive event featuring live recording of Celestial Oddities PairOfNormalGuys.

10. Zesty Lemons Plate

  • Where: 1631 N Main St Ext, Butler, PA
  • When: July 10
  • Summary: A creative workshop where participants can design and paint lemon-themed plates, bringing a zest of creativity to everyday dishware.

11. June Jubilee Sale

  • Where: Branded in Butler, 126 South Main Street, Butler, PA
  • When: June 28-30
  • Summary: A grand sale event offering a variety of products at discounted prices, perfect for shopping enthusiasts looking for great deals.

12. Jellyfish Air Plant Workshop

  • Where: Recon Brewing (Butler, PA)
  • When: July 18
  • Summary: A unique workshop where you can create stunning jellyfish-inspired air plant displays, combining nature and creativity in a fun setting.

All Summer Long Options

Looking for more options and things to do? Here are a few organizations that have options happening All Summer Long…

  • Steel Ceramics has weekly class options for adults and kids
  • The Butler Public Library has ongoing programming for kids, teens and adults
  • Moraine Pointe Cinemas is doing $3 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer

Options by Activity…

  • Trivia –  if you like trivia you can just about find a trivia night somewhere in Butler every night of the week
  • Live music –  you can usually find a live band playing somewhere in Butler most days that end in “y” except for maybe Monday
  • Yoga – Do we ever have some yoga! Almost everyday you can find a yoga class somewhere in Butler. We’ve seen everything from beginner and slow flow to hot Vinyasa

Make Some Plans Already!

Hopefully by now you have too many options to choose from and potentially have analysis paralysis. Just kidding! Seriously though, find a friend or a random stranger and make a plan. We can't wait to see you out and about in Butler. Looking to make friends, you can do that here at ConnectWork on Main? Click here to get started! We can't wait to meet you and make plans!