What the heck is coworking?

I’m so glad you asked! This is one of my favorite questions. It gives me an opportunity to tell people how amazing it is to find a community of humans who are just as ambitious as I am and are putting in the work to achieve their dreams. Totally get it if that sounds completely exhausting, but it’s the truth.

When it comes down to it…

coworking is the act of working in the space with other humans in community.

That is my definition. It doesn’t mean everyone is doing the same thing or working for the same company. Most often it is people who have been working in some sort of solo status and have decided that it is time to be around people again.

Additionally, it could be people who have been given the opportunity to work remotely and are trying to find balance between getting work done and being available for their families for the first time in a while.

Where and how we work makes a difference

Your environment undoubtedly impacts how you work. It can impact you negatively or positively depending on what you need as an individual worker. For myself, I know that for some tasks, I need to be completely alone with complete silence. For most of my work I enjoy have some background noise (usually music) and other people around me.

Knowing that I need silence sometimes, bland surroundings other times, and a creatively appointed space for some of the time, allows me to determine where, when, and how I need to work. When it comes to the environment in the CoWork, I am working to create a variety of spaces that will provide the environments needed on any given day for your best work.

Coworking addresses our innate desire to come together with other humans to share in common pursuits and celebrate each other’s successes.

ConnectWork on Main is Butler’s space to do just that.

There are many incredible groups in the area that periodically encourage people to come together in community. The CoWork is a space where you can do that daily.

Do you have friends that also work for themselves or are remote workers? You could be going to work together!

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