Unlock Your Nonfiction Book Writing Journey: Outline Your Book in a Weekend Workshop

Unlock Your Nonfiction Book Writing Journey

Are you an aspiring author who's been dreaming of writing a nonfiction book but finds the task incredibly overwhelming? You're not alone. Nonfiction book writing can be a daunting endeavor, especially when you're unsure of where to start. However, there's a solution that can make this seemingly Herculean task more manageable. 

Welcome to the “Outline Your Nonfiction Book in a Weekend” workshop, where you’ll be provided with a step-by-step system to create an effective outline in just one weekend. One of our members, Shawndra Holmberg, will be running the workshop and we are ecstatic to be hosting this in October!

In this article, we'll walk you through the benefits of attending this transformative workshop, the details of the event, and why it's the perfect opportunity for aspiring nonfiction authors like you.

The Power of a Solid Outline in Nonfiction Book Writing

Writing the first draft of your book is often the most challenging part of the process. It's easy to get lost in a sea of ideas and struggle to maintain focus. But what if you had a roadmap that guided you through the entire journey? That's exactly what you'll gain from the “Outline Your Nonfiction Book in a Weekend” workshop—a clear, actionable outline that streamlines your writing process.

With our guidance, you'll not only write faster but also cater to your ideal reader's needs. Your book will resonate with your audience, making them feel as if it was written specifically for them. The workshop helps you create a must-read book while staying focused, flexible, and motivated to complete that all-important first draft—all within a single weekend.

Who Should Attend this Nonfiction Book Writing Workshop

This weekend workshop is tailor-made for individuals who:

  1. Are Ready to Write Their Nonfiction Book: If you've been harboring the desire to share your knowledge and expertise through a nonfiction book, this event is for you.
  2. Can Work in a Small Group Setting: You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow aspiring authors in a supportive, small group environment while also having dedicated time to work independently.
  3. Are Interested in Business-Themed Books: Whether you're looking to establish yourself as a thought leader, share business insights, or provide how-to guidance, this workshop is designed for authors of nonfiction business and speaking-focused books.

Who Should NOT Attend this Nonfiction Book Writing Workshop

This weekend workshop is not suitable for individuals seeking:

  1. Assistance with Fictional Works: Our focus is on nonfiction business and speaking books, so if you're working on a novel or fiction project, this event may not align with your goals.
  2. Virtual Participation: Please note that this is an in-person event, and virtual attendance options are not available.
  3. Peer Review: While collaboration is encouraged, this event is primarily designed to help you outline and work on your own book. You won't be asked to peer-review or provide input on other attendees' work.

Event Details

This event will happen in early 2024. There is no cost to apply and the application form will stay open through the next few months. We are exploring hosting this as an online event. Additional details will be updated here as soon as we have them.

  • Tentative When: Q1 or Q2 in 2024
  • Where: ConnectWork on Main in Butler, PA
    • ConnectWork on Main is a sensory-friendly coworking space in downtown Butler, PA, which will be our event hub. Accommodations and travel are the responsibility of attendees.
  • Attendees: Limited to 3 – 10 people who are committed to crafting their nonfiction book outlines.
  • Cost: $500
  • Food: We've got your nourishment covered! We'll provide all three meals on Saturday, along with snacks to keep your creative juices flowing.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to embark on your nonfiction book writing journey and are seeking a structured, supportive, and focused environment, the “Outline Your Nonfiction Book in a Weekend” workshop is your ideal opportunity. Don't let the overwhelm of book writing hold you back any longer. Join us in early 2024, at ConnectWork on Main in Butler, PA, and take the first step towards turning your book dreams into reality. Ready to outline your nonfiction book? Click to apply now!