Private Offices Opening and More Happening at Butler’s Coworking Space

Private Offices Opening and More at Butler’s Coworking Space

We haven’t done an update in a while so we thought we’d do that this month. Especially since we have private offices opening up and are working on some super cool things as a community. The monthly members only newsletter was the inspiration for this update. There is a public newsletter that goes out monthly as well with the events happening at ConnectWork on Main. You can subscribe to that in the sidebar (not on mobile) or at the bottom of this article.

If you are ready to become a member, we would be ecstatic to have you. You can start that process here. 

Updates and News for ConnectWork on Main – like Private Offices Opening

This first section is where we give a quick update about what’s happening in the space and share any news.

Here is what that sounded like this month…

So we are in August already. Phew… Not sure how that happened but here we are. The first 8 days have seen a ton of new faces as we had quite a few people come in from Pennsic.

The basement is officially open. Offices can't be booked adhoc, but there is a secondary training type room (no furniture yet) that can be reserved. If you know someone who has been looking for a closed door office or private office, please send them my way.

The podcast room (in the basement) is on my roadmap for Aug/Sept and I'm hoping to have the kitchen sink hooked up too.

Member Updates

We feature member updates in the monthly newsletter to help everyone stay connected and celebrate some of the things people are doing. 

Here are a few from this month’s newsletter…

Mofei has popped in for the month of Aug! Say hi! She was a member way back and is a big part of how the cowork made it through the rest of shutdown and into the unknown to the now. I wouldn't have made it without her.

Zen Freight Solutions moved downstairs into their own private office and they are super excited!

Nichole from Partners in Grime is celebrating her 1st birthday in business soon and had an epic photo shoot down in Pittsburgh with Lauryn from Those in Motion.

Here is Lauryn’s sneak peek post from Facebook about this shoot!


This is what was featured in this month’s newsletter about local restaurants on Main St in Butler PA. It's written from Gael's perspective.

I've started including the restaurant list I have on the website for the day pass and short term people we have coming through. You can see it here. Everything on the list should be more or less walkable.

I've started doing research with each place to see what the accommodations are for different food allergies and intolerances. If you have any info, please pass it my way.

I'm also trying to eat my way through Main St so I can give better recommendations, but I can't eat most of the food 😛 Sooooo… if you have a review or a favorite meal you want to include, lmk!

I got to have the Espresso Pizza today at Mac's Brick Oven, it was so good. Gluten free crust and all. I took a Pennsic member down there last Friday and had to go back and try it myself. This is the first time I've eaten there.

Nom nom nom…


There is a section dedicated to events happening in the cowork and further down we try to spotlight local events as well.

Here is what’s happening in August at ConnectWork on Main…

You can see a full list of what's coming up here.

  • Aug 8th – 5-7pm Resume Workshopping
  • Aug 24th – End of the month planning session – Members Only
  • Aug 25th – End of the month planning sessions – Members Only

Things to Read

This section is where we include some neat things to read. Usually they are from the blog. This month we featured the following two articles including one about private offices opening.

  1. 5 Ways a Dedicated Office in Butler PA Will Unlock Your Success
  2. 4 Ways the Butler Community Benefits from Coworking

This section includes links that members may need to reserve rooms, book guest passes, etc. Additionally, we include anything else that might be a good resource or helpful.

The End

The last section is the best part in our (Gael's) opinion. We do our best to end on a lighthearted note and with some humor. This month’s end note was…

But Wait There’s More…

What we’ve covered above and shared isn’t the end all be all. Sections change as needed and evolve as the community evolves. When the podcasting space gets up and running there will be more info and content around that topic. Closer to October we will include more things about writing and editing as we get closer to the Outline Your Nonfiction Book in a Weekend event.  You get the idea 😉 If you’d like to get in on the action, you can get started here.


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