9 Reasons We Sure As Heck Aren’t Going Anywhere

In a previous life when someone would ask me how I was or “how’s the business going”, I would give the societally accepted answer of “it’s fine, everything’s great, couldn’t be better”. We give that answer no matter how crappy things actually are. Some of that, for me, has to do with knowing that someone somewhere in the world has it way worse than I do. They are probably even closer than that. What I know for sure is that coworking spaces allow communities to grow, strengthen, and revitalize as members create new companies, build relationships, and work to create a better future. We aren’t going anywhere.

Why we are staying

When I say “we”, I’m really talking about coworks across the world. Coworking is a global industry and a way of working that has allowed individuals to build fantastically successful brands and businesses. It’s so much more than remote working and getting outside of the house. Although for many that’s how it starts.

In the corners of every coworking space, you will find a dreamer working with a planner and they are collaborating with a team of doers. This scenario is the beginning of an incredible journey. Going virtual of course meant that those corners migrated to zoom rooms, facetime’s, and WhatsApp group chats. The ideas and dreams don’t go away just because we can’t share air.

1 We Care About Community

We are invested in the community and want to see the Butler area grow and thrive.  this starts with the people in the community.  we are committed to providing resources for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are providing much-needed services in the area. 

2 Coworking Parties

OK so having to be virtual most of the time kind of sucks. I miss in person parties. And I miss the ones we planned and didn’t get to have. I’ve been loving getting everyone together on Zoom and having virtual type parties. Rest assured that as things continue to change, we will too. My favorite kind of parties are the “come as you are” parties. The ones where it doesn’t matter what stage of business you’re in, how successful you are, or what life level you’ve achieved. We’re all moving in the same direction, towards something bigger than ourselves and wanting community along the way.

3 Economic Revitalization

This one takes the longest. Economic revitalization doesn’t happen overnight. It happens in the incremental steps we take every day to create jobs and income by innovating and creating.

4 You’re Awesome

We mean it!

5 We’re Stubborn

Yup, we said it. We own it. 

6 We just bought furniture and no one has spilled anything on it yet

Nuff said.

7 Game Night

Oooooo we are just getting started here! Chess night was an absolute blast and we have more planned for the coming months. 

8 It Matters

Supporting and holding space for our fellow humans matters. This space on Butler’s Main Street matters. Having a place to go when nowhere else feels right, matters. 

9 We’re in it for the long haul

Change and growth don’t happen overnight. We are ready for the long haul and want to be there with you every step of the way.

That’s it! Ready to come be silly and stubborn? We are here for it! And we are here for you! Head over here and let us know you want to hang out with us!

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