How to Eat Local and Where to Eat on Main Street

First, I need you to know this is not a comprehensive list of where to eat on Main St and is in order from north to south (mostly). Everything should be within a block or two of Main Street. If I have missed your favorite, please let me know and I will add it! 

Where to Eat and Intention

In today's world, we have a huge selection of stores that provide us with convenience and variety. But the problem is that many of these retailers are not local to our communities. This can be a serious issue for our ecosystem because it takes resources away from the community, creates more pollution in the form of transportation emissions, and drives up prices due to increased shipping costs. By shopping at locally-owned businesses you create jobs and sustain your ecosystem!

My intention was to focus on non-national chain options which is why there are a handful of places missing. I know that franchises are owned by local people too and they deserve support as well. If a place isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit and support it.

Look for a more in-depth look at what eating local can do for your small town’s economy and longevity soon. In the meantime, take some time to review the where to eat list below for a few of the options you can find on Butler’s Main St.

The List of Where to Eat

Everything above is within walking distance of the cowork. As we have events throughout the year you will see a rotation of food options coming through. If you are hosting an event at the cowork, think about supporting a local business and having a food or drink option available.

Why does it matter

It’s imperative that we support the businesses in our ecosystem. A little goes a long way to help keep everything moving forward. Whether that little bit is telling people about the amazing meal you had, inviting a friend to lunch who you haven’t seen in awhile, or liking a post, it all counts.

Behind every small business is a family trying to make things work, working to provide good jobs, and hoping that you’ll show up and let them know you care about their success. When our local businesses succeed, everyone in the ecosystem succeeds.

Where can you allocate a few dollars to support a local small business this week?

Speaking of allocating a few dollars to a local small business… Did you know you can join the cowork for just $15 per month? Yup. For the cost of one lunch you can get access to the cowork community on Slack, two days a month in the cowork (with coffee included), and a chance to support your Main Street ecosystem.

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