3 Ways You Can Leverage a Day Pass

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls when we least expect it. Also, when we don’t really need them. Thanks, life, we reeeaalllllyyyy appreciate that. Here’s the thing. Curve balls don’t have to derail your work/life balance (ha!). Seriously though, coworks are a great way to manage those curve balls. You may even find you can turn them into an opportunity. How can we help? Day passes! Day passes can be the answer you need when your next “oh shit” moment happens. 

Immediate space need, get a Day Pass

This is the ultimate “oh shit” moment. For example, something comes up you weren’t expecting, like, a really big meeting or an interview that has to happen, online. And your internet, or noisy house just isn’t going to cut it. We have rooms available specifically for this purpose. You will be able to shut a door and listen to the sweet sound of nothingness as you pave your way to greatness.

Sound equipment 🎙️ is available on site for use. When you decide to join for the long haul, it will be included in your membership package.

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Escaping the confines of your abode, Get a Day Pass

It’s a pandemic, we get it. We are ready to run wild and free through the fields and let our hair down too. Day passes can be used to escape the doldrums or chaos of your forever (or right now) home. Being cooped up is the pits. Staying safe and socially aware is important too. If you aren't feeling good, stay home, we are doing the same.

If you happen to find yourself traveling or are generally working from your car, we want to be your office for the day! Escape the cramped quarters of your vehicle and stretch out with a fresh cup of coffee.

Project of Doom, you guessed it, get a Day Pass

You have a project that you haven’t been able to get hammered out. And it’s something you need silence for or a space without distractions like laundry or dishes 🍲. We have space, just for you, completely free of distractions and clutter. We’ve heard that the cowork is a great place to get big projects done.

Better yet, we understand what head down working means. You won’t need to tell us that you need alone time to get your big thing handled. Headphones in, means DND (Do Not Disturb). When you are ready for a break, hit the cafe area and take a quick breather.

What Now?

We would love to have you! While the reason you need a pass might not be listed here, we can accommodate what you are looking for. Feel free to reach out via text at this number (724) 390-4150‬. Then we can get you on the schedule.

Please note that at Connect work on Main, you must contact staff to get your daypass set up. Same day passes can be accommodated depending on a few things. You’ll have to reach out and ask 😆 We know it’s hard to ask for help.


  • If you’re traveling, day passes are a great option to get the space you need to get your work done. 
  • If you haven’t made the commitment yet to join a co-working space, and you’re looking to try it out, day passes are a great way to do that. Wink wink, nudge nudge, cough.
  • Day passes are a great way to try out a space, and see if it’s someplace you want to work long term.
  • Testing! Day passes can be used to take a test you can’t or don’t want to take at home.
  • Recording! Have an important meeting or video to record? Reserve a room and get it done.
  • Big projects! Get your big project done with minimal to no interruptions. Yay!
  • Traveling humans – appraisers, realtors, service techs, repair people – I’m talking to you! We want to be your office for the day!
  • Remember that day passes can be used in an urgent situation, if something comes up.
  • You won’t be able to show up the morning of the day you need and expect to get a day pass. No one will be there who can help you.

If you find yourself in an urgent situation where you need space right now, someone is monitoring this number ‪(724) 390-4150‬, text us 🔥. Let us know what you need (date, goal) and we’ll get you sorted out. See you at the cowork!

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