Where to Eat Lunch Weekdays on Butler’s Main Street

Where to Eat Lunch on Butler's Main Street

This article will be part of a series that will start with “Where to”. This particular article will be about where to eat lunch on Butler’s Main Street. You can expect to find a recommendation for each day of the week based on the current hours as of the publication of this article for each restaurant. 

It’s important to know that not every restaurant is open every day on Main Street (no matter what Google says – cuz life happens and these are families running these businesses); hours can vary and change wildly. So before you decide to go grab a bite, please make sure you do your research and verify that the restaurant you’re interested in is, in fact, open. We hope that you enjoy this collection of eateries and make a point of visiting when you are able.

Why it Matters

Coworking spaces in rural areas especially offer an opportunity to eat local, shop local, and adventure locally. As a part of ConnectWork on Main’s commitment to having a positive impact on the economic development of Butler and the surrounding area. This series will focus on places close to ConnectWork on Main.

In most cases, the locations you’ll find in this series will be within walking distance of the coworking space, which is located inside the HollyPointe Building on the second floor. The building is on Main Street in downtown Butler Western Pennsylvania.

Where to Eat Lunch on Monday

Heyo it’s Monday and we are heading over to Mac’s Brick Oven for lunch! This spot just slightly off of Main St is a local, family-owned business. Their goal is to create exciting, and delicious food. They do not disappoint! With different pizza specials each week, you’ll probably find something exciting to make your Monday a little brighter.

They use clean ingredients that are easy to digest so that anyone can indulge and walk away feeling great. Which we love! They support local businesses and family farms and always try to source ingredients locally. Which we also love!

Where to Eat Lunch on Tuesday

Oh yay, it’s Tuesday and we are heading to Totalus! Located just a block up from Mac’s Brick Oven, this family-owned shop offers magic-themed boba teas and a variety of food options. You’ll find an inclusive environment and local artisan items to browse through while you wait for your tea or food order. Totalus is a regular stop on Gael’s weekly walk around Main Street for Black Tea and Tapioca Pearls (nom nom nom).

Where to Eat Lunch on Wednesday

It’s Hump Day and we are headed across the street from our building to hit up Upper Crust Shop. It is family-owned and operated and is only open for lunchtime. We hear they have great subs, sandwiches, salads, soups, and munchies! Available for eating in or take out to head back over to ConnectWork on Main. They offer catering options as well if you are planning for a group meeting at the cowork.

Where to Eat Lunch on Thursday

Located just down the block (it’s up because of the hill but technically down the block because it is south of our building), Mico’s is a great option for lunch. Especially if you’re looking for something warm and comfy when you’ve forgotten your lunch, didn’t eat breakfast, and are super hungry (this has never ever happened to Gael). Their menu consists mainly of appetizers and dishes that are less common in the U.S., especially outside major metropolitan areas, according to their website.

Where to Eat Lunch on Friday

We made it to Friday! We are heading north up Main Street to tie into a burger at The Chop Shop. Open since 2011, this family-owned restaurant has been a consistently great place to get food over the years and continues to deliver week in and week out. The kitchen staff have wickedly cool specials usually starting for dinner on Fridays that will challenge your palette and offer a culinary exploration in a place you’d least expect to find such a thing. Gael’s go-to order is the Porker with a GF wrap and extra chipotle mayo on the side and hold the onion straws. 

Picking Where to Eat Lunch

At Connectwork, we want to make sure our members have all the information they need to fuel their working day. We hope you’ve enjoyed your lunch tour of Main Street in Butler PA. While we can’t imagine the choice is any easier, we do think that having a schedule helps😜. An easier choice is deciding to join us here at ConnectWork on Main! You can get that started here. We can’t wait to see you!