Regret Free Remote Work in Western PA: What to Look For

What to Look for When Looking for Remote Work: Resumes, Remote Jobs, Regrets, Oh My

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that remote work is on the rise. With new technology and companies realizing the benefits of having a remote team, it's no wonder that more and more people are looking for remote jobs. If you're one of those people, or if you're just curious about what to look for when considering a remote job, read on! I'll share some tips based on my own experience as well as things I've learned from others. (Psst…remote work isn't for everyone – read this post to find out if it's right for you). Happy searching!

What to Look for When Looking for Remote Work

This will vary depending on what your goals are and what you need in a job. If you need a full-time remote job that provides benefits then you will need to Look for larger companies that are established and have withstood the changes in the industry. Below you'll find a few companies that fit this description.

If you are looking for companies that only need a part-time role or small businesses that are looking to outsource some of their remote work, the options are endless. This style of work is most commonly referred to as freelancing or working as an independent contractor. This style of work has some inherent dangers as well as benefits just like any other job.

When looking at a company to apply to or deciding whether or not to hire a client, keep your values and goals in mind to help you make the best decision for you.

Resumes – curating your laundry list

Resumes are essentially a curated laundry of your experience, what you know, and what you can do. The curation is especially important if you are applying to different jobs with different goals and outcomes. You wouldn't submit a list of your entry-level experience to a management position (unless that was all you had). 

The resume is your chance to highlight the parts of your past roles that most closely align and position you as the best candidate for the new job you are applying for. If you keep this in mind as you are applying, you will have a better chance of landing your best-fit role.

Remote Work and Jobs – Finding the Right One

Ah, the age-old problem of finding “The One”. How will you know when you find the one? The absolute best-fit role for you? Chances are you might not know until you start or until you have worked in the role for 3-6 months.

When you are applying, keep in mind what your personal goals are and what you are ultimately trying to achieve. Do the research on the companies you are applying to. Below you’ll find some of the processes Gael Gilliland, owner of ConnectWork on Main, uses to work through problems and make decisions. If you want to chat with her directly about sifting through remote work options and selecting the right one for you, you can book time with Gael here.

Things to think about and answer about potential companies

Does the company have similar values to you? Do they have comprehensive information about benefits and what employees can expect? Do they invest in their employees? Are there opportunities to grow and be promoted in the company?

Knowing what you want out of your work is just as important as the work you do or the benefits you get. 

Things to think about and ask yourself

Do you need to know you've done a good job? Is it important to you to be able to finish a project in one day? Are you able to leave a task open and go home?

Deciding on the one

Compare your answers to the questions above and determine where things line up or match and identify where there is dissonance. This will help you see where a working relationship could go wrong and where it could be so right. 

Here are a few companies hiring right now for remote work…

You can find a list of 23 fully remote companies here, put together by 

Many traditionally in-person roles are and have been moved to remote or hybrid. You can find remote opportunities in industries that rely on cloud-based or computer-based tools to perform the work. Additionally, if your current role is predominantly done online in your company’s office, it’s possible to negotiate a hybrid or remote option in your current company.

Regrets – Life is Way too Short to Have Them

Life really is too short to regret who you're working for. You are replaceable and so is the company or client you're working with. While it's easy to say that on paper, the reality of firing a client or quitting a job you hate is hard. Getting it right from the beginning is a fantastic way to minimize the heartache that comes later.

It’s never too late to quit working with people and companies you don’t align with. It’s never too late to stop spending time and energy where you aren’t valued even if you do align with the company or client.

Your local coworking space is a great place to meet new people and expand your employment/client options. Being part of a coworking space can help you take your next best steps whether it’s finding new opportunities or making your current job/employment situation work better for you. 
Click here to learn about joining ConnectWork on Main, a main street coworking space located in Butler, PA.


  1. […] people, or if you’re just curious about what to look for when considering a remote job, read on! I’ll share some tips based on my own experience as well as things I’ve learned from others. (Psst…remote work isn’t for everyone – read this post to find out if it’s right for you). […]