3 Parking Options in Beautiful Downtown Butler


Parking is one of those things that is, sometimes, just a pain. I have no problem acknowledging that. If you are used to parking in Pittsburgh, parking in Butler for the CoWork will be a no-brainer. Still, going somewhere new and trying to find parking can be intimidating and obnoxious. Enter this blog post on where to park on Butler’s Main St. I’ll be covering three options; use the Tier parking garage, take advantage of the free 2-hour parking, and just don’t park on Main St. There are plenty of side streets to use with meters.

Tier parking garage

The Tier Parking Garage is located directly behind the Holly Pointe Building. It offers two ways to park. Those options are a parking pass issued by the city of Butler or using the meters. Selecting which one is best for you will depend on how often you plan to use the garage and for what duration.

If you know you will be using the garage 5 days a week 4 most of a full business day, then a parking pass may be the way to go. 

If you aren’t sure yet how often you will be parking in the parking garage, then my suggestion is to stick with the meters. You can always decide to get a parking pass later.  for the meters, they are coin-operated and you have the option of using Pango. Pango is a parking app much like the parking app in Pittsburgh and in Erie. the zone for the parking garage behind the Holly Point building is 70211.

Inside the parking garage there are floors designated for parking pass holders. They are usually marked with orange bags around the meters. If you are parking at a meter make sure the meter does not have any orange plastic around it and that it is in service. This will help you avoid getting tickets.

For those of you griping about it costing money to park, remember that your quarters and parking passes help pay for the structure you are using.  It’s pretty amazing that there is a public parking garage to use. 

How parking on Butler’s Main Street works

Parking on Main Street itself is pretty simple. You get two hours anywhere on Main Street. This means that you can also only park for two hours a day on Main Street. So, if you are running an errand on the south end of Main Street and then decide to go park and eat at the North End of Main Street, you better get all of it done in 2 hours.

Please note that they are sticklers for the 2-hour limit. This is intended to allow multiple people to park throughout the day on Main Street. Also, I believe it is an effort to keep people from taking up spots who are on Main Street all day for work.

PSA: The Pittsburgh Parking Chair does not work on Main St in Butler. Don’t try it!

But whyyyyyy?

I often hear rumblings that this is inconvenient and not fair for people who are trying to shop, eat, and do business on Main Street during the day.

My take is that 2 hours is plenty of time to get lunch and run a quick errand. If you know you are going to need more time than 2 hours or you aren’t quite sure, park off of Main Street in a parking garage. Alternatively, you can graciously accept the consequences and pay your parking ticket.

While I don’t know the actual breakdown of where parking ticket proceeds go, I’d hope they would be used towards city maintenance or beautification.

I hope you have found this information helpful! You can find more information on parking in Butler City here.

See you at the cowork!

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