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Create your Compelling Customer Journey Workshop Series

Create your Compelling Customer Journey

Once upon a time, Gael (me), hosted monthly workshops. We’re talking 2016-2017. Courtesy of the way, way back machine I’m bringing them back. I’ve learned so much since I agreed to do that first workshop on MailChimp. So. Many. Things. I’m excited to be bringing them back with a newfound focus and intention with the […]

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We’ve Changed the Way We Work, Now What?

Home Sweet Home

In a galaxy far far away, we once wrote an article titled What’s Changing About the Way We Work. Little did we know that the traditional workplace scenario would come screeching to a halt in just a few short months. Standing where we are now looking back, the words feel like a bit of foreshadowing […]

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Dear Main Street, I’m not gonna lie

Dear Main Street, I'm not gonna lie [image of buildings on a main street]

Dear Main Street, I’m not gonna lie. When I first moved here, I probably made fun of you, said some things that weren’t very nice, and didn’t really think that it was someplace I wanted to be. I knew that people were trying to make it better. And they were trying to bring new businesses […]

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The Great Debate – Which Desk is Best

Which desk is best

Now that many people are home and looking to address their home office situation, this article may help shed some light on what to look and how to decide which desk is best. My solution at home has been to create a couple different places where I can work comfortably and be my most productive. […]

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