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How to disinfect your desk and save your sanity

Text: "Clean your desk" - with yellow stock photo of computer and desk

With the current situation everything we thought we knew about working and cleaning is out the window. Unless you were already really focused on keeping things clean, you are probably in a whole new world trying to keep your office and home disinfected. Nevermind having to work from home for possibly the first time ever. […]

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Apple vs Android – Why Does it Matter?

Short version? It probably doesn’t in the big picture. However, when you are battling against a brandy new platform or tool you just bought into and you just can’t get it to work the way you want it to, this is when it matters. We are all wired a little differently. It’s what makes the […]

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What’s Happening at the Cowork in March

Whats happening at the cowork

We have our usual suspects happening this month at the co-work. You can find more information on these events on Facebook, links are below for each event. Please remember that the coffee chat is members-only with a +1 available. If you haven’t joined yet, you can get that journey started here. CoWork CoHort Coffee Chat […]

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3 Parking Options in Beautiful Downtown Butler

to park or not to park

Parking is one of those things that is, sometimes, just a pain. I have no problem acknowledging that. If you are used to parking in Pittsburgh, parking in Butler for the cowork will be a no brainer. Still, going somewhere new and trying to find parking can be intimidating and obnoxious. Enter this blog post […]

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Why coworking is a must-have in your self-care routine

Coworking and self care

If you haven’t thought about joining a coworking space before, I totally get it. It’s hard to imagine yourself somewhere you have never been, especially if you don’t know anyone. Choosing to join a coworking space is an intimate choice and one that should not be made lightly. As someone who takes forever to make a […]

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