5 Crazy Things You Wouldn’t Find in an Office

5 Things You Wouldn't Normally find in an office

You've probably seen a lot of offices in your time, but have you ever seen an office with a pool table? How about one with a ping pong table, or even better-a growler library. We got a little crazy with the cheese whizz thinking about what you might find in an office, but we are pretty excited about where this article went. Just because you don't work in a tech company, doesn't mean your office is (or has to be) boring. This blog post is about things that you might find at an “unusual” workplace (or a coworking space) and why they're worth checking out.

Things you might not find in an office

When we really started thinking about (daydreaming) the crazy things you might find in a coworking space or office, here's what popped up first…

  1. A giant inflatable slide 
  2. A petting zoo with a wide variety of animals 
  3. An indoor trampoline room 
  4. Free food stations in the break room with unlimited snacks and beverages 
  5. A fitness center that includes a juice bar, yoga studio, spin class, and sauna

The giant inflatable slide would have been wickedly awesome, the petting zoo cute but messy, and the trampoline room amazing. While they are really feasible in real life, the other two could be a thing. Free food stations are real in some offices and coworking spaces. The rental and member rates usually reflect those kinds of amenities. The same goes for the fitness center, especially one with all the things listed above. But believe it or not, a mini fitness center is on the wishlist for ConnectWork on Main.

Here are 3 off the wall things you will find at ConnectWork on Main that you might not find in an office

These are legit and available right now 😛

We have a Growler Library

Ever heard of a “growler library”? It kind of works like the regular library. Most breweries have growlers unique to their brewery that you can purchase and then fill and take home for the cost of the beer. We have the beginnings of a larger collection of growlers from breweries in the Butler area. Here's how it works…

  • borrow one of our growlers,
  • fill it up at your fav brewery,
  • enjoy your brew at home or the cowork, and
  • then return the growler (cleaned!) when you are done.

You have full access to our in-house growler library for free!

Podcasting capabilities and equipment

Podcasting at ConnectWork on Main

Podcasting is an increasingly popular medium for businesses. We're not talking about the ones that have their own podcasts, mind you; we're also seeing an increase in companies who are using podcast content to promote themselves or members of other organizations on social media channels without even being involved with those entities at all! The benefits can be really great!

As part of your membership, you have access to podcasting equipment and space. This is included in your membership fee as of this posting. We've identified the best rooms to record in and what you need to create a great episode.

The Red Table

You will of course find tables in the cowork, as you would in any other office space. But in our space we have the Red Table. Picked out by our owner Gael Gilliland after seeing it on social from Mystique Moon, it's one of the first things you see as you come into the cowork. This is intentional! The Red Table is where we gather to share ideas, get constructive feedback, and celebrate!

The red table is straight out of your grandmother's (or mom's) kitchen and literally begs you to sit down and stay awhile. Bottomless coffee, tea, or hot cocoa is just a few steps away.

Crazy things we want to add and hope you might find in an office

We have a laundry list of things we want to add. There is actually a wishlist somewhere, but we'll give you the gist of it here. We're dreaming about

  • pool tables
  • ping pong and air hockey
  • game room complete with gaming consoles and board games (yes table tops too)
  • drafting table (this is coming sooner than you think)
  • art studio or painting area
  • and so much more

Until we get those things in place, we're excited about being weird on Main St with what we have already. Whether you are looking to get the heck out of your house or just want to have a quiet place to work with some coffee and other humans, we're here for it. Take a minute to schedule a call with Gael here to find out more about how membership at ConnectWork on Main can help you!

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