Mollie O’Donnell-Sipe

Mollie O’Donnell-Sipe

Community Manager & Project Manager
Hi, I’m Mollie!

I am just about done with a 12-week programming bootcamp with Academy Pittsburgh, covering the full stack development process, including a variety of languages and frameworks. I have hands-on experience with many different languages (C#, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, HTML/CSS), frameworks (React/Microsoft ASP.Net Core MVC/Ruby on Rails), and concepts (Git/Agile). This bootcamp is fully virtual (pandemic), so I have learned to code entirely remotely using Microsoft teams, Element, GitLab and GitHub.

I am passionate about creating diverse working environments that are collaborative and inclusive for all kinds of people and appreciate Academy Pittsburgh’s commitment to getting underrepresented folks into tech.

The recurring thread throughout my tapestry is my commitment to making sense out of all of the pieces. I like to help people find success. I am good with people, and I love the challenge of understanding them well enough to support them on their way. This can be calling the cues perfectly as a stage manager, helping a new parent latch their baby, recognizing which players are natural defenders, or consistently setting myself up for success as a solo parent.

I shifted this skillset into the tech world as I navigated learning to code, understanding the pieces of new frameworks, and how best to fit it all together to create a digital tapestry. In the midst of learning new-to-me coding languages, I helped my small groups successfully complete projects at or above expectations and facilitated a positive work environment.

I'm looking for remote work with a flexible schedule that will give me a chance to flex my coding knowledge and help you piece together the best team for your next big project.