Co-schooling Family Style – Epic Youth Takeover

Co-schooling Family Style – Epic Youth Takeover

Youth Takeover - Family Style Co-schooling

We know that learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We are looking to make the best of a crazy situation. By we, I mean me. I have three kids of my own. With one kid in each learning level at BASD. That means coordinating learning and schedules is extra fun at my house. Full disclosure, that’s why I’m offering co-schooling sessions. By Wednesday, I’m ready to pull my hair out and a change of scenery usually does the trick.

Creating the Solution

For me, the obvious solution to the whole not wanting to be alone and virtual schooling humans was co-schooling. I’m sincerely excited to invite you and your humans into the coworking space. When I bought it in December, I never imagined it would be inviting kids in. 😛 You’ll find everything you need to know below. If you have questions or need more info, feel free to email [email protected].

The Nitty Gritty for Co-Schooling

This will be family style co-schooling. Think of a small schoolhouse with families working independently. The added benefit will be that there will be other kids and adults there so phoning a friend means just getting the next table’s attention.

It’s important to note that this is not a drop off or childcare situation. An adult for each family must stay with the small humans. 

We will be spreading out to maintain social distancing and following CDC guidelines. You will be responsible for ensuring your humans follow them.

You must register and pay in advance. You can do that here –

If you are planning to attend more than one session, you can prepay with a discount for blocks of sessions (4,8,12).

What’s included with Co-Schooling at ConnectWork on Main

  • Admission to the cowork space for one adult and up to 4 kids
  • Wifi Access
  • Free Coffee (from Cummings), Tea, Water
  • Use of the Color Printer/Copier, Scanner
  • Light breakfast type refreshments
  • Hand sanitizer on site

Please bring…

  • Your own mug should you decide to have coffee/tea
  • Your humans
  • Anything your humans need to complete their work
  • Masks for you and your humans (worn while moving about the space)


We are not sharing writing utensils or other small office supplies. You must bring those things with you.

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Looking for a change of scenery? Need to get out of the house, but still have your kids in tow? Not to mention -…

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