3 Reasons Why Working from Home is a Terrible Idea

Why Working from Home This Summer Is a Bad Idea

Summer is here, and while the season is synonymous with relaxation, fun, and sun-soaked days, it can wreak havoc on your work-from-home routine. Before you think of setting up your laptop on the porch or in the backyard, consider this: working from home over the summer might not be the idyllic experience you imagine. Hanging out at ConnectWork on Main could be the best thing you do for yourself all summer!

The Bad – Reasons Why Working from Home this Summer Might Suck

1. Distractions Galore

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Sunshine and Warm Weather 

While the idea of working with a view of your blooming garden might sound appealing, the reality is that the warm weather is more likely to distract you than keep you productive. The lure of sunbathing, impromptu outdoor activities, or even just the temptation to take a break can significantly derail your focus.

Kids and Pets at Home

With school out for summer, your house might be filled with the joyous chaos of children or restless pets. Juggling conference calls while managing household activities is a recipe for interrupted work and diminished efficiency. We think it's a much better idea to get your work done at a cowork so you can be present at home.

Summer Events and Visitors 

Summer often brings along family gatherings, neighborhood barbecues, and casual visits from friends. These can be huge distractions, making it hard to concentrate on your work tasks. Coworking spaces have their own brand of distractions however you can choose to put in your headphones, put your head down and keep working. 

2. Uncomfortable Work Environment

Heat and Humidity: Depending on where you live, summer can bring sweltering heat and oppressive humidity. Not everyone has the luxury of air-conditioning, and even if you do, constantly running it can lead to high energy bills. Working at a coworking space can help cut your energy bills. While not every space is equipped with icebox air conditioning options, it beats sweltering solo. 

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Noise Levels: The sounds of summer – kids playing outside, lawnmowers, ice cream trucks – can create a noisy environment that makes it hard to focus on work and join virtual meetings without disruptions.

Ergonomics and Comfort: Your home workspace might not be set up for optimal comfort and productivity. Using makeshift desks, improper seating, and subpar equipment while working from home can lead to discomfort and even health issues over time.

3. Poor Work-Life Balance

Lack of Routine

The flexibility of working from home combined with the relaxed summer mindset can lead to a lack of structure. Without the physical separation of home and office, your work hours might become blurred, leading to either overworking or procrastination. We have totally never accidentally worked until midnight cough cough…  

Inconsistent Workflow

The temptation to take time off or reduce hours because “it’s summer” can lead to inconsistent workflows and productivity dips. On the flip side, the guilt of taking too many breaks can add unnecessary stress and anxiety. At ConnectWork on Main, we get the push-pull of this. We like honoring the need to go outside and take a walk at regular intervals. Members have a weekly walking routine that you are welcome to jump in on.

Isolation and Loneliness

Working from home can get lonely, especially during a season meant for socializing. This isolation can negatively impact your mental health and overall work satisfaction. You don’t have to go it alone! Come hang out with us at ConnectWork On Main!

The Good (Solution): ConnectWork on Main

We certainly aren't perfect and we might not be exactly what you're looking for however we do have some epic members and opportunities to connect with other humans. In a world where everything happens a-synchronistically, sometimes, you just need another person next to you. That's why we offer social programming and opportunities to connect every week. You can check out our upcoming events here.

A Dedicated, Distraction-Free Environment

At ConnectWork on Main, you get a professional environment designed to minimize distractions. With designated workspaces, private offices, and communal areas, you can choose the setting that best suits your work style. Plus, you won’t be tempted by the proximity of your sofa or the allure of outdoor activities. 

Full disclosure though, we do have a switch on-site and a napping couch. So if those are the things you really want in your work day, we've got you covered there too.

Comfortable and Sensory Friendly Workspace

Our coworking space offers comfortable environments, sensory-friendly space, and all the necessary amenities to ensure you’re comfortable and productive throughout the day. Say goodbye to the loneliness of a home office and hello to a productive, friend-filled workspace.

We pride ourselves on having the option where you can make your desk or seat anywhere.  Which makes every day a yes day, but more on what that is later.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Time spent at ConnectWork on Main will help you establish a clear boundary between work and home life. When you leave our facility, you can transition smoothly into personal time, enjoying summer activities without the lingering stress of unfinished tasks.

Community and Networking

One of the big bonuses of working at ConnectWork on Main is the sense of community. Interact with like-minded professionals, increase your networking opportunities, and combat the isolation that comes with working from home. There's always a friendly face around for a quick chat or to exchange ideas. You can also slide into the Slack channel anytime to chat or ask questions!

The Ugly, AKA, Final Thoughts

While the idea of working from home over the summer might seem appealing, the reality is often far from perfect. Distractions, uncomfortable environments, and poor work-life balance can significantly hinder your productivity and well-being. Luckily, ConnectWork on Main offers an ideal solution. With a dedicated, sensory-friendly, and community-oriented workspace, you can enjoy a productive summer without sacrificing your peace of mind.

Ready to take the plunge? Head over to this page and get ready to experience the benefits for yourself. Your summer productivity booster is just a membership away!