What’s Happening at the Cowork in March

What’s Happening at the Cowork in March

Whats happening at the cowork

We have our usual suspects happening this month at the co-work. You can find more information on these events on Facebook, links are below for each event. Please remember that the coffee chat is members-only with a +1 available. If you haven’t joined yet, you can get that journey started here.

CoWork CoHort Coffee Chat – Members +1

Have you ever had a question you needed to ask someone, but you couldn’t even begin to figure out who the heck to ask? Never mind trying to figure how to ask the question to get the help you desperately need.

Getting help is not always easy. Asking for help can be harder. Sometimes though, getting the help you actually need and asked for is impossible. I get it. That’s why, for members, I’m hosting (and facilitating) CoWork CoHort Coffee Chats. Yes, I like alliteration, deal with it 😛

What to expect:

  • One hour of laser focused constructive support from me (Gael) and your CoWork Cohort on whatever you need (personal or business related)
  • The opportunity to get to know your fellow coworkers
  • Imbibe and enjoy delectable local coffee and pastries from a variety of coffee shops in the area

Imagine having a safe place to ask a question and not only get actionable advice and help, but get the exact kind of help you asked for. Ikr?! Plus spiffy coffee! I feel like this is a massive win win.

Get more info here.

Women’s Empowering Luncheon Series

Join us for an empowering luncheon each month where

  • you can share what you are passionate about
  • you can seek real-time solutions to real-life problems
  • you will have a safe place to grow and ask questions
  • you can experience peer to peer support from women who have been there

Each month we have a discussion topic to help guide the conversation and provide opportunities for attendees to make intentional connections.

This Month’s discussion…

  • How has your first quarter gone?
  • What would you like to do differently in the next 3 quarters of the year?
  • 20 min high level success planning session – start thinking about what success looks like for you in 2020

Get more info here.