Website Designer in Butler PA and the Best Desk

Website Designer in Butler PA and the Best Desk

Website Designer in Butler

By Darren Oates, CEO & Website Designer in Butler PA

At ConnectWork On Main, I get the opportunity to do my graphic design homework in a clean, well lighted, and quiet space. Gael and I found each other on Alignable. It is awesome that she provides these office areas for business people and students and others to gather responsibly and work. My student rate was just $45 dollars per month and is well worth it.

There is a mix of private office spaces with doors for short term use and a variety of desk types in the main working area. She has a great Wi-Fi network to connect to and coffee. Parking is available on Main St and in the four-story lot just behind the building. There is an elevator from the back as well if you need it.

standing height desk at connectwork on main

I needed a place other than my home with the TV playing in the other rooms and my tight bedroom to work. I run my business of making websites( and doing homework from the Connect Work On Main. 

She has a table that is waist high and at least 4×4 square feet! It is under great lighting to do my artwork for my classes. 

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About Darren, Website Designer in Butler PA

I am a college student with one degree under my belt and seeking another as a graphic designer. I am the CEO of

A note from Gael, Owner at ConnectWork on Main

Non-traditional students are the real MVPs. I remember being in college and being amazed at the drive the non-trad students had. I was driven, but they were next level. Learning brand new skills at any age is rough, doing that with a bunch of people right out of high school had to be excruciating. 

I always appreciated their insight and when they jumped in to share past experiences. It gave me a chance to see things from different perspectives and find common ground. So thanks to anyone who is swimming through a sea of young people while learning all the things. You got this!