Growth and Flair

When the world goes to pot, one thing you can count on is your friendly neighborhood coworking space. We are excited to be at the forefront of finding fabulous people who are growing (or ready to grow) and adding their flair to the local economy.

The only thing missing is you 😉


Having community is the key to continued growth and feeling supported in your work. We love our community and can't wait to welcome you!


Where you work matters. How the space feels matters. We get that. That's why we strive to maintain a sensory friendly space with lots of options.


The coffee is really why we show up! It is locally sourced from around town. The fully stocked cafe offers a gathering place for community members to break and chat.


We like coffee, books, and podcasts...

And that's just the beginning. When you become a member of the CoWork you will be part of the foundation we are building to create an economic impact on Main St and the surrounding areas. Each one of us has something to bring to the table and that includes you!

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“Having the cowork to go to a few times a month is a great option for me to step away from the distractions… and meet other like-minded people, network and make friends.”

Lauryn Halahurich, Those in Motion