What is Your Favorite Room in the Coworking Space

Main Conference Area - favorite room

What is your favorite room in ConnectWork on Main? For some, it may be The Cafe where you can take a break and grab a cup of coffee or tea. For others, it might be the large conference room that's perfect for meetings. How about the Benoit Room with its collaborative feel? Maybe you prefer to work in solitude at one of our private nooks. Whatever your favorite space in this coworking community is, there are plenty of them to choose from!

What is your favorite room at ConnectWork on Main?

One of the crowd favorites is the cafe where you can find our almost-famous red table. In the past, we've gathered around it to share stories, ask for help, and problem-solve together. These days you can find someone grabbing a seat to have lunch or making a coffee stop on the way through to the main area. Read on to learn about where you can work at ConnectWork on Main

The Cafe

Our Cafe is what you first walk into when you come in through the front door of the co-work. You are greeted by the red table and a handily placed cut rack next to the door. If you happen to be coming as a guest for an event, you will most likely see your event name or group name as you come in. For coffee selection you will find the house roast from Cummings right here on Main Street and assorted K-Cups. In addition, we have tea and hot cocoa for people looking for something other than coffee.

The cafe also doubles as the printer and office supply nook. The printer, scanner, copier is available for member use and is included in your membership. Generally you should bring in your own supplies until further notice. If you happen to forget something or need an envelope, you can find most of what you need in the office supply nook in the cafe. 

Main Conference Room

Main Conference Area

Just to the right of the cafe is the main conference room. This is one of our most vibrant rooms and features configurable furniture to meet a variety of seating needs. This conference room has hosted steam events for kids, networking events for women, workshops for professionals, and so much more. In-house conference room hours are included in most memberships and you can use it as needed by booking it on an easy-to-use calendar.

The Annex

Ah, the Annex… This is one of those rooms that we just don't quite know what to do with. While socially distancing is still in place, you will find desks to use inside this room. For the purpose of this article we're going to tell you what we want to do with it. Here are some ways we have or are planning to use this weird room

  • Pop-up photo studio
  • Podcast Studio
  • Library
  • Theater
  • Gaming room complete with table tops and consoles (Gael has been daydreaming about air hockey)

We are totally open to any ideas you may have. Feel free to pop them in the slack comment box when you become a member.

Podcasting at ConnectWork on Main

The Benoit Room

The Benoit Room is our collaborative room and features a small table with space for six people to sit comfortably. It also happens to be the room we are currently using as our podcast and live streaming room. Equipment is available on a pop-up basis and is included in your membership for right now. 

The Main Work Area

Main Work Area
Live Streaming setup with onsite equipment

We wish we had a better name for the main work area, but we don't. This is where much of the magic happens. On any given day you'll find someone working on social media, websites, podcast editing, and a variety of other tasks and projects. We've had lawyers, therapists, students, construction firms, custom clothing lines, writers, photographers, and many other professions come through the CoWork over the years. 

When it came time to decide how this room would look, we thought it was important to have a variety of options and styles of desks or hot seats as we like to call them in the coworking world. You'll find standing desks, regular desks, executive desks, small lightweight desks you can move, and a few more options to help you do your best work.

Pick Your Spot

Now comes the hard part you have to pick your spot. The great news? You don't have to stay in one spot all day or every time you come in. we encourage you to work where it's best for you. Our goal is to provide the tools and space you need to accomplish your goals for the day. If this sounds like something you need in your life, drop us a line and let us know! 

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