How to make coworking part of your self care routine

How to make coworking part of your self care routine

If you haven’t thought about joining a coworking space before, I totally get it. It’s hard to imagine yourself somewhere you have never been, especially if you don’t know anyone. Getting it into your self care routine can be a game-changer for your career and life.

That being said choosing to join a coworking space is an intimate choice and one that should not be made lightly. As someone who takes forever to make a buying decision, I’m right there with you. It often takes me months or years to decide to go all in and buy or invest in something, including myself.

Self Care Routine

But when it comes to wanting to take care of ourselves, it is surprisingly easy to say “yes” to the things we know will make us feel good (or we have been told will make us feel good). Things that are tangible like

  • SPA treatments
  • Chocolate
  • Massages
  • A new car
  • Retail therapy 

The intangible things are sometimes the most rewarding and the hardest for us to say yes to. Belonging to a co-working space has intangible benefits that go far beyond just having a place to work. People have been able to

  • hire their first employee,
  • find new customers,
  • but most importantly they are an active part of a community that cares about their well-being and happiness.

Being part of a community like this means that you have access to people who will say yes when you ask for help, will celebrate your wins with you, and we’ll be there when you need a shoulder to cry on and don’t feel like you can go on in your business. If this sounds like something you need in your life, then you probably need co-working in your self care routine.

Don’t take my word for it

Here are a few thoughts from current and past members of ConnectWork on Main…

“I’m the type of person that will seclude myself in my apartment while doing my admin work for my photography work. Having the cowork to go to a few times a month is a great option for me to step away from the distractions that is everything else I have to do to keep life in check and meet other like-minded people, network and make friends.

Plus, the cowork is close enough to my home that I don’t have to drive, which gets me a decent amount of exercise and city exploring done in the process, which is a great way not only to be healthy but to also get to know the area you’re doing business in better.”

Lauryn HalahurichThose In Motion

“I really love the way that ConnectWork on Main is set up. Gael has been really great with the transition and has been really open to all my questions that I’ve asked of her. So if you get a chance I recommend getting in touch with her and seeing for yourself.”

Ed Stoughton Tier III

“ConnectWork On Main helped us for 6 months! Steadfast Custom Construction LLC. and True North Design shared an office while we waited for an opportunity to acquire showroom space! Was a terrific transition for us. Super concept! If you are “between spaces” or just need somewhere safe to conduct real business for a while – check them out!”

Lisa Snyder True North Design

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